Friday, November 5, 2010

BEEF....It's what's for dinner

My friend Monica called me the other day.  She is listed in my cell phone simply as Beef.  Monica is an old farming friend of mine.  We use to see a lot of each other during my farming days.  We have been buying a 1/2 a steer from her family for about 17 years.  They grow wonderful grass fed beef.  I talk with Monica a few times a year now,  when I browse the growers market, when she calls to double check our beef order and when our steer is hanging down at our local butcher.    Monica is known to give me more details about our steer then I care to know.  Every year I make sure she knows we want our 1/2 from one of the largest steers they have.  Monica already knows this and tells me all about the one she has picked out for us.  We are talking custom here, hand picked just for the Watson family.  The hard thing is is that she will go on to tell me how friendly he is, always the first one at the top of the pasture for feeding, how sweet it is when he rubs his head on her shoulder.  And no doubt she will add what a great looking animal he is.  Ok, I don't really need all this info but I listen.  I listen because I really care where the meat comes from that I feed my family.  I don't purchase beef or pork from the grocery store.  I buy both these farm direct.  Remember, I have a degree in agriculture and I know too much about this industry.
Since I knew we would soon be getting another 1/2 of a very loving and kind steer I decided we better eat some beef.  So, that's what's for dinner tonight, again.

I had a busy day ahead including a job interview that I had to make myself presentable for. So once again, not a lot of time to cook.  I grabbed a London broil out of the deep freeze, crock pot off the shelf, and searched the pantry and fridge for ideas.  In the fridge I found a 1/2  jar of Trader Joe's red mole sauce.  Yikes!  How long has that been in there?  No idea but cider vinegar being the 3rd ingredient I wasn't going to worry too much about food safety here.  Besides, it is going to cook for hours while I am out running the kids around and checking out the possibilities for a very part time job (6 hrs a wk, just my style).  I'd never tried mole with beef.  I usually save this for chicken but what the heck, I had 20 mins. to figure this one out.

1 London Broil
1/2 jar of mole sauce (about 6 oz.) Save a little to add just before serving to add a good burst of flavor.
1/2 cup water
Turn crock pot on LOW and leave the house.

Upon our return home the house smelled wonderful, just like I was home cooking all day.  I checked the contents of the crock pot and found beef so tender, succulent and delicious I couldn't wait to eat.  I was shaking like a starving puppy.  Not to mention the kids, they were acting like the litter mates.
I cooked up 2 cups of rice, there was a lot of sauce there do dump on the rice so I knew I needed to make extra.
I served this with steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower as well as a fresh pineapple I happen to have from last weeks shopping.
Eventhough everyone went back for seconds, we still had left overs.  I will use those over the weekend to make tacos.  They are going to be great.

Mole takes its name from the Mayan word "Moli" which means concoction.  It is a mixture of many ingredients from Mexico's Mayan and colonial cultures.   If you've never tired mole, I recommend it.  It's wonderful and apparently keeps well in the fridge.

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  1. haha... "Beef" on the cell phone! I guess that's one good thing about our elk. We never get to "know" the animal first.... BTW, we rented "Food Inc" a few weeks ago. ICK!